Network Infrastructure

Your wide-area network (WAN)/Local area network was probably implemented before cloud, enterprise mobility, and collaboration became commonplace. While your network is under pressure from new and increased traffic, it's difficult to make changes to meet these demands efficiently and cost-effectively.

Simply adding more expensive multiple protocol label switching (MPLS) bandwidths will strain your budget, and using newer, less expensive connectivity options may only increase administrative and operational complexity. Dealing with one service provider is hard enough, let alone several. We can help you develop a new service paradigm.

CCC's hybrid WAN is a holistic approach to delivering and managing your WAN. It starts with a technology solution that leverages intelligent WAN routing and multiple types of network connectivity. It delivers cost-effective connectivity, purpose-built for hybrid cloud, without the operational hassles. We help you achieve the benefits of a hybrid WAN with:

  • Improved Network and Application Performance
  • Lower Telecommunication Costs
  • Management of Service Providers
  • Management of Day-to-Day Operations
  • A Flexible Network Architecture That Evolves With Your Business Needs
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