SDN Architecture

Software-defined networking is set to change networks for good. Local area networks, wide area networks, data center networks, and service provider networks are becoming more intelligent, programmable, and automated. In time, they'll be centrally controlled through software and no longer manually configured at the device level. Networking devices are themselves changing to be an active element of this software-based environment.

The potential implications – and benefits – of this for your business are considerable. But every user organization is unique, and, to a certain extent, so is every network. CCC can help you understand the developments of software-defined networking within the context of your business objectives and map the best way forward.

A move to a cloud environment can be disruptive and complex. But it needn't be that way for your business. To help you, we offer a range of cloud readiness services, including cloud infrastructure services, cloud integration services, and cloud consulting services. This range of capabilities means we're able to provide guidance and support at every step of your journey. It also reduces the time and risk associated with cloud transformation.

We'll review your operations across four critical dimensions of cloud computing:

  • Business Alignment
  • Organization
  • Infrastructure
  • Applications

We enable you to pinpoint any gaps that exist between the current 'as is' state and the desired 'to be' state. Next, we set out a preliminary cloud roadmap that identifies key next steps based on your requirements.

Our cloud readiness consulting services consist of the following:

  • An Online Cloud Self-Assessment
  • The Cloud Readiness Workshop Will Assist You in Shaping Your Organization's Vision for the Cloud and Prioritizing a Set of Actions. We Can Deliver Each Element as a Stand-alone Service.
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